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While Ptolemy noted that Ophiuchus is in contact with the ecliptic, he was aware that the 12 signs were just conventional names for degree segments. The Hindu Jyotisha system opted for defining the zodiac based on the fixed stars, i. Traditional Hindu astrology is based on the sidereal or visible zodiac , not accounting for the shift of the equinoxes but uses a correction called ayanamsa to somewhat link it to the astronomical constellations that are actually irregular in size Example: Scorpio astronomically is only a 6.

The difference between the Indian and the Western zodiacs is currently around 24 degrees. This corresponds to a separation of about 1, years, when the vernal equinox was approximately at the center of the constellation Aries "First Point of Aries" , and the tropical and sidereal zodiacs coincided around CE , or at The separation is believed to have taken place in the centuries following Ptolemy second century CE , apparently going back to Indo-Greek transmission of the system.

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Jim Tester in ref. Cyril Fagan assumed the origin of the zodiac to be based on a major conjunction that occurred in BC, when the vernal equinox lay somewhere in mid-Aries [1] corresponding to a difference of some 39 degrees or days. Most sidereal astrologers simply divide the ecliptic into 12 equal signs of 30 degrees but approximately aligned to the 12 zodiac constellations.

Assuming an origin of the system in BC, this results in a system identical to that of the classical tropical zodiac , shifted by A small number of sidereal astrologers do not take the astrological signs as an equal division of the ecliptic, but define their signs based on the actual width of the individual constellations. They also include constellations that are disregarded by the traditional zodiac, but are still in contact with the ecliptic. Stephen Schmidt, in his book Astrology 14 , introduced a system with additional signs based on the constellations of Ophiuchus and Cetus.

In , Walter Berg introduced his sign zodiac, which has the additional sign of Ophiuchus. For the purpose of determining the constellations in contact with the ecliptic, the constellation boundaries as defined by the International Astronomical Union in are used. For example, the Sun enters the IAU boundary of Aries on April 19 at the lower right corner, a position that is still rather closer to the "body" of Pisces than of Aries. The IAU defined the constellation boundaries without consideration of astrological purposes. The dates the Sun passes through the 13 astronomical constellations of the ecliptic are listed below, accurate to the year The dates will progress by an increment of one day every The corresponding tropical and sidereal dates are given as well.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Pedestrian struck and killed in National City. It happened around p. Trial begins for La Jolla restaurant owner accused of sexually assaulting 8 women. Daniel Dorado, owner of Voce del Mare in the Bird Rock area, is charged with more than two dozen felonies, including rape of an unconscious person and rape of an intoxicated person. Editorial: Enough delaying. Duncan Hunter must go. Duncan Hunter is poised to change his not guilty plea in his campaign finance scandal.

Now he should resign from Congress.

Readers React. Readers React: U. Readers React: Pension liability is worth worrying about. Editorial: Court says California charter cities must honor state housing laws. Be thankful for this, too. The visionary composer is the Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition recipient. University of San Diego to host interfaith panel on immigration. Leaders in communities of faith will come together Wednesday to discuss how to respond to the situation at U. Column: Padres closer Kirby Yates and his wife, Ashlee, co-pitch for a good cause. Movie-based show is faithful to original saga but adds comic pizzazz of its own in downtown production.

Visual Arts. A janitor saved and photographed them. Local schools chosen to participate in new Blue Shield mental health program. Collaboration with Xenon Pharmaceuticals seeks to commercialize treatment for the disease. Most read stories.


Police Have Arrested The Suspect Accused Of Killing Nipsey Hussle

Pro Football Doc. Dalvin Cook could be compromised rest of season. Vikings running back Dalvin Cook might have to play through pain rest of season due to SC joint sprain. Longtime congressman says he wants to spare his family the spectacle of a trial, which was to start Jan. Duncan Hunter and his wife Margaret entered — and exited — the federal courthouse separately on Thursday.

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Toll at least 21 after Mexico cartel attack near US border. Authorities also found a person dead along the mouth of the Tijuana River in Imperial Beach. The new family separation: Migrant parents stranded on border send kids across alone. Immigrant bond fund helped free migrants from ICE detention this year.

Wintry weather lingers in coastal New England. The snowstorm that never seems to end rocked coastal New England at the height of the morning commute, prompting schools to close and causing air travel havoc. US Marine charged with illegally flying guns into Haiti. Federal prosecutors say a U. Doctors say 15 killed in Sudan factory fire.

The Sudanese doctors union says 15 people have died in a huge explosion at a tile factory in the capital of Khartoum. Public body overseeing Notre Dame works meets for 1st time. Hundreds of Syrian refugees in Lebanon return home. Hundreds of Syrian refugees have headed home in the first batch to leave Lebanon since protests broke out in the small Arab country more than a month ago.

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European official urges closure of Bosnian migrant camp. A European human rights official has demanded immediate closure of a migrant camp in Bosnia where hundreds of people have started refusing food and water in protest amid snowy and cold weather. With each legal setback, Gallagher and his team found a way around the law via the one person with power over the military.

People in the San Diego military community react to a tumultuous weekend at the top of the Defense Department. California Rep. Hunter plans to plead guilty, leave seat. After year of denials, California Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter plans to plead guilty in corruption case and prepare to leave Congress. Troublesome tweets that followed underwater cave rescue have Tesla CEO Elon Musk facing defamation trial by British diver he allegedly dubbed a pedophile.

Knife-wielding man killed by El Monte police. El Monte police have shot and killed a man they say was armed with a knife.

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