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They may have a hard time feeling truly satisfied or sated, but can also fear the state of wanting. Perhaps they were punished in some manner for being slow, savoring things, or enjoying and indulging themselves. This can also apply to Lilith in the 2nd house. Lilith in Gemini has felt shame for speaking too much or too little, or for their intelligence or social skills.

They may be wary of people who seem to be indulgent in these ways — who are social butterflies or who talk too much or who seem to flaunt their intelligence. Their curiosity may have been stifled in some manner, and they can fear not being considered smart.

They can be wicked with what they say when angry! Shame in these areas can lead to extremes of behavior and a feeling of being out of control. Working on self-acceptance is the key to empowerment. This can also apply to Lilith in the 3rd house. Lilith in Cancer has felt ashamed for being needy or dependent for whatever reason and feels awkward or even angry with people who display these traits without apology.

Areas of Expansion in 12222 for Pisces:

This discomfort can lead to extremes of behavior in this area and then misgivings afterward, and the cycle then continues. This can also apply to Lilith in the 4th house. Lilith in Leo has felt ashamed or otherwise wrong for calling special attention to themselves, for seeking the spotlight, or for seeking to be better than others in competitions.

They may feel uncomfortable with people expressing these Leonine traits. This shame or discomfort can lead to extremes of behavior in these areas, which can exacerbate the problem. They need to find ways to accept the very natural need for applause.

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Self-acceptance is the key to moderation and empowerment. This can also apply to Lilith in the fifth house. Lilith in Virgo has felt ashamed, off, or wrong about paying special attention to the practical side of life, attention to details, organization, and routines.

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This can also apply to Lilith in the sixth house. Lilith in Libra has felt ashamed or wrong for needing companionship or seeking approval from others. In the absence of self-acceptance regarding these very real needs, extremes of behavior in these areas can be the result, and this perpetuates the cycle and the problem. This can also apply to Lilith in the seventh house. Lilith in Scorpio has felt ashamed for the natural need for intimacy, attachment, and depth contact.

Your faith, devotion, and trust in a Higher Order sustains you, and you draw protection from the unseen realms. Part of your soul function has to do with work on the inner planes through prayer, meditation, or working with subtle forces.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility

The following interpretations incorporate the position, by sign, of Neptune, the modern ruling planet of Pisces Jupiter, its classic ruler, is interpreted above. The sign position of Neptune modifies your Pisces Ascendant characteristics.

Sun enters Scorpio

Your Neptune is in Aries: Ideals of heroic courage and dreams of a powerful leader underlie your generation. In some way you personify and must express the spirit of a warrior to fulfill your soul function. You have a deep affinity for the Earth and the feminine aspect of creation. In some way you must personify or express this feminine spirit in order to fulfill your soul function. If not positively directed, greed or worship of material advantages are the bane of your generation.

Your Neptune is in Gemini: Fantasy, imagination, images and dreams expressed through the written or spoken word is suggested here. You are poetic but also illusory or confused about the nature of your perceptions. To fulfill your purpose in life you must come to understand the Trickster, an underlying archetype of your generation.

Ideals of devotion, loving kindness, and the Divine Mother are the spiritual longings of your generation. Your feeling for beauty, the arts, and the spirit of creativity runs deep and is a key aspect of your life purpose. Superficial glamour or self-worship can cloud your true spark. The art and science of healing is a key part of your soul purpose. The spiritual dimensions of health, the effects of prayer or imagery upon the body, blending body with soul and spirit, angelic healing, art as medicine — these are each ways you could express your true function. Your Neptune is in Libra: Ideals of sisterhood and brotherhood, social equality, and idyllic relationships are the dreams of your generation which in some way you personally embody or express.

Your Neptune is in Scorpio: An urge for a deep understanding of the mysteries of life, death, afterlife, or the sudden forces of the psyche is an underlying theme of your generation. You are a deep sea diver. Avoid the murky waters of mind-altering drugs or distorted imagery in art or music, in order to fulfill your highest destiny. You are a fantastic dreamer, a minstrel, a soul traveler, a muse. Bringing inspirational dreams to others is a part of your function. Try to overcome a tendency toward lack of self discipline, restlessness, and living in the clouds.

Learn to ground your dreams in everyday life. The need for Divine Order — for spiritual order, structure, and discipline — is a part of your life pattern. Dreams of a perfect society a Utopia or Shangri-Lai shape your generation, and in some way you are to embody or express these ideals.

New communal sharing, a new spirit of all-of-us-together is the key. Your Neptune is in Pisces as well: There is a deeply spiritual or religious impulse in your generation, which in some way you embody or personify. There is also a calling for self sacrifice or self martyrdom. These fish represent your soul nature and your form nature. You have a form nature in order to experience the growth of your soul, yet the two can seem to struggle against each other.

You find that pursuing your own personal material desires does not resolve this struggle, but only deepens it. You need to find a spiritual path that allows you both to satisfy your personal needs and desires, and to satisfy your spiritual yearning for significance. How to accomplish this balance? You can focus first on your instinctual nature. You find that you usually have a feeling about what to do in any situation, but you sometimes listen to other people instead of paying attention to your inner daemon.

One way to allow this inner voice its say is to take time each day to isolate yourself and listen. Listening to the sound of water can focus your mind and let your inner voice be heard. On the physical plane you are drawn to mediumship — your psychic senses perceive a lot that other people overlook.

As you begin to listen more deeply, you find that your role is that of mediator between the seen and unseen worlds. You can sympathize with the difficulties of others, and you can synthesize the feelings and motivations that can help them. As you develop this skill, you will find that you are no longer operating from the instinctual level, but now use your intellect to discern on both planes and to synthesize the information you gather. Probably your major problem is your psychic sensitivity. You need to work with this ability on the intellectual level so that you can use it effectively, instead of being its victim.

Your sign is associated with the feet.

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Forward progress involves learning how to walk, both physically and psychically, through the obstacles before you. In a noisy, competitive atmosphere you are often receding and withdrawn for you are not an aggressive, forceful person, and you intensely dislike conflict.


In fact you tend to be somewhat passive, to wait, watch, observe, feel and know much — but to act little. Letting things resolve or work themselves out in their own way, rather than directing or forcing your will upon them, is often your way of dealing with problems. You may have a deeply religious or spiritual feeling about life, not in the orthodox sense necessarily, but an intuitive sense of the immensity and underlying oneness of all life, which makes so many human aspirations and striving seem rather unimportant.

Also, Sagittarius is an idealist with great hopes and plans for the future, while Taurus lives primarily in the present and is more involved with immediate, tangible concerns. Taurus may feel that Sagittarius lives in an unreal world, ignores the facts at hand, and leaves Taurus to take care of the work and business of day to day life.

However, you both have an essentially generous, live-and-let-live attitude which may enable you to overlook the differences between you. You have a great rapport, and your emotional needs coincide very well. Personal freedom and mobility mean a lot to both of you, and neither of you wants to possess or be possessed totally. You share an unending curiosity and mental restlessness, a love of books and movies and ideas, an urge to travel, to meet different kinds of people, and to discover new things. You are both playful and humorous, though Sagittarius is more philosophical, idealistic, and optimistic than Gemini.

Both of you are also rather intellectual and need an intelligent, communicative partner. You are very companionable together and are likely to enjoy a very satisfying friendship in addition to whatever romantic attachment you have.