Cancer compatible signs

Cancer and Capricorn are very different, this is true. The Crab is sentimental and emotionally wavy, while the Sea Goat Cappy tends to be a cool pragmatist in love. If they sense something more and hang in there through any rough beginnings, some underlying similarities begin to reveal themselves.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn are diametrically opposed on the Zodiac wheel. But sometimes this kind of match has unexpected magic, as each sees a path to grow toward the other. It's the kind of love that can grow over a lifetime. Cancer-Capricorn are a polarity, which has its own unique resonance while being seemingly totally opposite.

Cancer is very changeable, and the mood swings make Capricorn wary.

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That's because Capricorn won't invest in something that is so unpredictable — they like to be sure of their partner. From the Crab's corner, Cappy looks way serious and is far too focused on worldly matters.

Cancer in love is a subjective thinker, imaginative and empathic. Capricorn in love is traditional, protective and resourceful. Very often Cancer has a hard time with insecurity, and when they open up, they need a lot of approval. Capricorn can take on the role of the judge in this scenario, with Cancer the naughty or needy child.


It's hard for Capricorn to respect dependence, and Cancer often has challenges related to standing on his or her own two feet. Cancer is ruled by the Moon , and just as up and down, with waxing and waning emotions. Cancer could use a stabilizing force in their lives, a loving guide who is confident in the real world. In stark contrast, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn , the planet of establishing order and steady achievement. Capricorn can soften up, and balance ambition with a full social-family life with a cozy Cancer in their lives.

In the best case scenario, they share freely what the other needs and become complementary. Because Cancer and Capricorn are cardinal leader signs, there's a risk of two alphas clashing.

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Sometimes it works, because Cancer is willing to yield in stand-offs. Being aware of each one's contribution can ease power struggles when there is respect. Dating is serious business for Cancer and Capricorn, and out of their shared reserve, something special can be created.

Cancer Compatibility

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