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You might find your Virgo child happily putting together elaborate jigsaw puzzles or a slightly older kid engrossed for hours in building complicated airplane models. These kids like adults of their Zodiac go into the heart of every issue or task and examine it with minute detail.

Together with this trait goes a love for organization. You will rarely see a Virgo kid with a messy room or an overflowing closet. Being surrounded by this kind of beauty is important for a Virgo child. The downside of this meticulous nature is that hides a potential for churning out workaholic personalities. If not brought up with a sense of balance between work and leisure, your Virgo child might forever be putting their professional commitments ahead of other things in life. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a maxim which comes dangerously close to a Virgo child like no other.

So as a parent, you need to ensure that along with studies and goal-oriented activities, your little Virgo spends enough time outdoors simply throwing a ball or enjoying herself on a swing. Once they learn to have a healthy balance between work and recreation, they are well set to become productive, empathetic and fulfilled individuals. Aim for perfectionism Virgos are noted for their desire for perfectionism, perhaps only to be expected in personalities that are naturally meticulous and prefer to have everything organized around them.

Though most noticeable in adults, you can see the striving for perfectionism even if young Virgos. There may be instances when you trust your Virgo kid with a chore before leaving to pick up groceries and return to find them still at it, determined to do a perfect job. While this kind of industriousness and dedication to a task at hand is worth complimenting, see that your child does overdo it.

Virgos, kids and adults, seem to pick up the notion that in order to be loved, they need to be perfect. Virgo children cannot stand the loudness and randomness that comes with obnoxious children, so their friends are likely to be quiet and intelligent like they are instead of being wild and rambunctious. How Virgo child in school?

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The Virgo kid makes for the classic nerd or perfectionist. They love to do everything just right, especially when they are in school because they know that it will affect their future. At times they can become highly stressed out about school because they try to do everything perfectly. They will need a parent or teacher to step in to help them relax. They need to learn that their mental health is more important than a good grade.

They like to do their own thing, but they know that they can always ask their parents for help when they need it. They can deal with most areas of life by themselves from a young age.

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The biggest thing that they will need help with is learning how to deal with their emotions healthily. Virgo minors are not naturally violent or anything like that, but they can get depressed and anxious from time to time, which they will need help with to cope with. Gender does not make much of a difference when it comes to the personality of a Virgo child.

There are a few differences that it can be important to take note of. The girls feel more comfortable expressing their emotions than the boys do. This makes them funnier and happier at times, but also more prone to anxiety and depression in their teen years.

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Virgo girls like to follow the rules, while Virgo boys like to make them. Either gender, they are both great kids. The Virgo kid and Aries parent would find that they are complete opposites of each other. Virgo is practical whereas the Aries parent is impulsive. The good thing about the Virgo kid and Taurus parent is that they are down-to-earth. The warm nurturing nature of the Cancer parent would provide for a strong emotional bond with the Virgo toddler.

But she is also an ardent stickler. When something is out of order it makes them antsy — Virgos are all about having frameworks without which they get distracted. One thing to keep in mind with a Virgo girl is that she never comes by a conclusion quickly. Pose various scenarios then prepare to wait. Your little Virgo will examine every facet of the choice put before them, using her systematic mind, which also means she often makes a terrific decision.

1. Virgo Is the Sign of "The Helper"

Balancing that, once set on a path she becomes very determined and may seem introverted. This is the way your daughter processes new information and ideas. She has a sense of tradition and convention that comes across as old fashioned. This reflects the influence of the Earth element that gives the Virgo such strong sensibilities. Male Virgo children are gentle giants. The order they bring to situations in which disarray exists is nothing short of amazing for parents who would otherwise dread the piles in the closet.

When a discussion comes up your son will very directly recount everything leading up to that moment. Effectively this child is like the elephant — they will never forget important details, which also makes them excellent artists and leaders among their peers.

Virgo Personality: August 23 - September 22

With parents this aptitude can sometimes prove embarrassing or frustrating when your little Virgo outwits you with shear memory power. In terms of family dynamics your Virgo son is the ever-logical diplomat. He does not like disputes. Rather he prefers jumping into the fray offering a solution. As with the other Virgo thought processes, this answer considers everyone in the equation. When it comes to personal conflicts, however, your Virgo son reacts quite differently. He has an unusual amount of maturity for his age. Number Vibration Numerology: 5. Virgo Element: Earth. Virgo Color: Navy Blue.

Chakra: Root or Base Muladhara. Chinese Zodiac Twin: Rooster. Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Rooster. I am a Cancer. Do cancer parents usually mesh well with Virgo children? Virgos have a tough time no matter what sign they are interacting with. Since your zodiac sign is Cancer, you are perfectly suited to help your Virgo child learn to be more gentle with himself. You, Cancer, can speak to him about how to overcome fears of failure and help him build up his self confidence. So, yes!

This can be a wonderful meshing! I am a libra. I have not had good relationships with virgos. My child is a Virgo.. I am afraid. Do libras and virgos get along? So, you and your Virgo child can find common ground in staying on track and taking care of the details.

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This is a terrific combo because it will allow you two Goddesses to work together on projects in harmony. I feel like Libra is a sign that can connect to any other sign, Virgo included. Virgos and Libras are very different people but should have no problem complementing each other, especially in the parental role. You are absolutely correct! Thank you for taking the time to comment on and thank you for visiting BuildingBeautifulSouls. Since he started to move around, crawling, walking etc. He hates it. I have older sons who are quite different. They love to cuddle.

Have you got any words of wisdom for me? Apologies for delayed reply. The first of the year is always crazy booked with psychic readings. Oh, Libra mommy.