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Leo Mid September 2019: Go Get Em Leo ❤🦁❤ ROARRR!!!

Libra Romance. Emotional relationships are based on an equal give and take for the Libra-born. They tend to get attracted to the opposite sex quite often.

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But before getting into a life-long commitment, they should weigh things carefully for themselves. When in love, the Libra are a bundle of energy, romantic and loyal to the core. Check out Libra Compatibility to know how compatible they are with people born under other Zodiac Signs.

Kerry King reveals what the Universe has in store for you this week… according to Tarot

You might also be interested to know about Libra in Romance. More on: Libra Love. Libra Relationship Fair and objective, the Libra tend to do things that will benefit everyone. More on: Libra Relationship. Libra Decans. If a person is born between September 23 and October 3, their planetary ruler is Venus. This means — love more or less, always fills the lives of these people. Charming and attractive, they can easily attract and create a good impression on others, and they are very happy with this quality that they possess.

The ideal peacemakers, they also excel when surrounded by different kinds of people. They are clever and romantic. Besides, these people have great imaginative and communication skills, which makes them unbeatable in the charm department.

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It is no wonder that many of them progress to great heights in creative fields. These people are also in love with the idea of being in love, and always want to be surrounded by beautiful things. They work especially hard to achieve balance and equality with their life partner.

And, if there is any problem that you are facing on the relationship front, you shall profit from availing a personalised Natal Chart based service Relationships Ask 3 Question OR Compatibility Assessment Reading. More on: Libra Decans. More on: Libra Fact. Moon in Libra. People with the moon in Libra have the reputation of being the trouble-shooters of the Zodiac.

They have a natural flair for creating balance and harmony wherever they go. These people are very tactful in their dealings with others. Persons with a Libra moon avoid being alone and love to be surrounded by people. Thus, they are very sociable in nature and sympathetic towards the opinions of others. They are also very good listeners.

They love a debate and have the ability to put across their view-points with great clarity.

They are always on the lookout for people who can understand them emotionally and with whom they can develop an intellectual rapport. By and large, these people are charming and attractive, but are often accused of flirting. One of their positive points is that they are very gentle and well-mannered. These positive qualities give them the ability to make new friends easily. They are very strongly focused on their goals and usually achieve them with the support of others. They make excellent planners and strategists, but fall short when it comes to the practical implementation of their ideas.

Also, they are very indecisive and waste too much time in weighing the pros and cons. More on: Moon in Libra. Libra Health. The Scales rarely face health troubles, because they like to look young and beautiful, and will do everything needed to stay that way, including exercising regularly. But their problem areas can be their back, buttocks, kidneys and bladder. Frustration can easily get to them, especially when a relationship does not work out the way they want it to. They should keep away from high calorie foods and alcohol, as this can lead to weight gain.

Anatomically Libra Corresponds To: The lumber region in general and the kidneys in particular; loins, ovaries and the substance of the kidneys; lumber vertebrae, just below the ribs; lower back muscles at the top of the pelvic bone; arteries going to the kidney and lower back; veins coming from the kidneys and lower back.


More on: Libra Health. What kind of Aries are you? Explore if you are dominated by your sunsign or moonsign Play now. Take Quiz. More Subscribe. Zoya Akhtar Zoya Akhtar — one of the most talented film-makers of Bollywood, will be celebrating her birthday on 14 October. Type your question here… Please Ask one specific question and provide relavant details In case of multiple questions, only the first will be answered. You might also like. View All. Sun Sign The most easy to understand feature of Astrology. Planets Explore all about the 9 Agents of God — the 9 Planets. Moon Sign The factor influencing your mind and emotions.

Ascendant The House which forms the basis of the Horoscope. Invest in this week by being kind, complimentary and helpful to people across the board. Well, the Queen of Coins sweeps in this week and helps to clarify matters. A dose of common sense and reality is needed, rather than your spiralling imaginings. She then helps you to make a plan, to focus your efforts and energy on the positive steps to get to where you need to be.

And THEN she even gives you a gentle kick up the 'wotsit' to help you get going. Normal service is swiftly resumed. Just what you need! Perhaps you and current 'boo' should book an exciting adventure together, pronto. All you can do is to look after your side of the street, and let her do her work. People do us wrong. The Page of Swords can be tricky and fickle, you might lose your important moral high ground if you start meddling.

You may end up becoming the persecutor vs the persecuted. Play nice, play fair, KNOW that this is all going to be resolved favourably for you. The Devil reminds you that no one is going to live your life for you, or make stuff happen. The Queen of Swords urges you to be more selfish right now, more self-focussed, more in control of your goals. You and you alone are accountable for your life and what you do. No one else.

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You're ambitious and dedicated, and usually work best in groups. It's natural for Leos to rise quickly to positions of leadership, but your take-charge, occasionally-overbearing attitude can get you in trouble with coworkers if you aren't careful. Leos are excited to be alive, and are sure they're here for a reason. Your self-assuredness is great, so long as it doesn't dip too often into self-absorption. Leos are fire signs, and as such they tend to be very passionate. You're charming and spontaneous, and may fall quickly in love.