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Leo people are loud, proud, and full of determination and energy. They thrive on their social and business lives. When born under Libra rising, this sign will gain even more creativity, intelligence, and charm. It will also learn to balance out its time between work and play.

Libra Rising/Ascendant: Characteristics, Personality, Traits

This will help to reduce stress and increase productivity. These Leo people are also likely to be more mellow than the average Leo person.

Progressed Ascendant in Libra

Virgo people are detail, family and patience oriented. When born under Libra rising, this sign is likely to be more creative and social than most Virgo people. They will also gain some extra intelligence. Balance is a key trait that is gained during this time. A Libra person born under Libra rising will display all of the wonderful Libra traits without carrying over the traits from another sign.

There will be no one who is quite as balanced and fair as this type of Libra person. They are intelligent, creative, and they make great friends. A person like this will not be judgemental, but they will be able to help others to have a good time!

Libra Ascendant - Libra Rising Sign – Tula Lagna

Scorpio people already have enough creativity and charm to spare, so this only increases when this sign is born under Libra rising. This sign will be able to focus better with Libra as their rising sign as it will be able to balance out their time spent on creative and work pursuits. Sagittarius people are full of energy, have social lives that anyone can be jealous of, and they are extremely creative.

According to the Libra rising facts , this sign gains some intelligence, but for the most part, it gains balance.

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They are likely to spend more time on focusing on the things that really matter in life—friends and family— over their creative pursuits that only bring joy to them. This does not mean that this sign is going to become boring, though. Capricorn people are intelligent like Libra people, but they tend to be less creative and social than the average Libra person.

Being born under Libra rising gives them a boost in each of these areas. They will also balance their time between work and play better than the average Capricorn.

You have a Descendant Aries!

Like many of the other signs born under Libra, this will help Capricorn to be less stressed. Aquarius people are creative, fun-loving social creatures. When born under Libra rising , this sign will be more intelligent than its Aquarius counterparts. Aquarius people born under Libra rising are also likely to form deeper relationships than other Aquarius people. Pisces people are imaginative and passionate. As per the Libra rising predictions , this sign will be encouraged to study more, have balanced relationships with others, and will use their creativity in their work and their hobbies.

Libra rising helps to balance out the signs and their various traits more than anything else.

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    • Your sun sign is what most people mean when they ask, " what's your sign? As astrologer Susan Miller's Astrology Zone pointed out , it's said that people take on certain personality traits based on the zodiac sign the sun was in when they were born.

      New York-based astrologer Lisa Stardust agrees. Your moon sign , on the other hand, is the darker, more emotional side of your personality. Think about it this way: If the sun shines brightly for all the world to see — our ego, how it relates to the challenges we face in the world, and how we interact with others — moonlight is dim, and casts shadows on the deeper parts of yourself that not everyone in the world gets to see.

      This is the you that you hear inside your head whenever you think; your heart, your emotions, your feelings. We talk a lot about sun signs and, though less frequently, moon signs — but not so much the rising signs. This should change, though. Your rising sign , also known as your ascendant sign, is the "you" that you consciously present to the world — the filter through which you put yourself every day, the style you adopt, the friends you identify with, and so on.

      Though that may not seem necessarily as important as sun and moon, what you're willing to reveal says a lot about you, and is thus just as important as your moon and sun signs. It also shows how you relate to others," Stardust elaborates. People rarely notice my Gemini side because my personality is shown by all three energies working together. Put it all together, is what! All of this is to say, we cannot be boiled down to one sign, one simple horoscope.

      You probably already know your sun sign and if you don't, it's easily found — here's the list of signs by birth date ; to find your moon and rising signs , meanwhile, you could have a couple of options. One, you could get your chart mapped out by a professional astrologist, though that costs money and often requires a waiting period and a sit-down meeting to go over the results.